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(sv) sweeping a girl off her feet

myr_soleil in reading_lmm

Next Sunday: The Blythes Are Quoted

Our discussion of the Anne series is coming to a close! The ninth and final volume is a new one for many fans, and a bit of an oddity. We will discuss The Blythes Are Quoted on Sunday, July 3rd. (Nothing better than some anti-war sentiment for Canada Day weekend!)

The manuscript of The Blythes Are Quoted was completed just before LMM's death. (There are some spooky stories that it appeared at her publisher on the very day she died, but I can't confirm that.) The publisher was probably a bit disturbed by the unusual format and the heavy anti-war sentiment, especially with the country at war again for WWII, and didn't publish it. A much-abridged version came out in 1974 under the title The Road to Yesterday - it contained only the short stories, with the exception of the first one, Some Fools and a Saint. The complete version was finally released in 2009. It includes poems (by Anne and Walter), vignettes of the Blythe family, and the short stories. The Blythes aren't the main characters in the short stories, but they are "quoted" in it (sometimes to absurd levels, heh). Half of it is set between Anne and Rilla of Ingleside, and the second half brings us from WWI to WWII.

I'm not going to lie to you, it's a bit of a weird book, with a much darker tone than the rest of the series. I'll make the discussion post on Sunday and I'll try to ask questions for those who only read The Road to Yesterday too, although I personally never read it.

See you Sunday!


Alas, doomed officially to be forever behind. I do mean to catch up, but 'twill not be by tomorrow. Sad.